#35 x3 stages for a 6 figure freelance business

  • x3 key phases for a 6 figure freelance business
  • Why to avoid doing them in the wrong order
  • How to always have enough money
😍 Something I'm grateful for this week

It took me over a decade of trying to grow a freelance business to 6 figures, only to find out it made me miserable. Hopefully I can save you ten years of pain...

It’s painfully clear to me now,
But I couldn’t see it because I was too busy!

I worked evenings and weekends,
I tried anything and everything I came across on social,
I tried every new growth hack under the sun .

But now, looking back, I can clearly see that there are x3 stages you need to go through if you want to build a freelance business that prioritizes personal freedom over everything else.

Naturally, I did all of them in reverse order, 😂🤦
So I’ll also share the correct order too …

So the 3 stages to create your ideal lifestyle, and build a profitable freelance business around it:

It’s tempting to skip to the “quick wins”,
More free time, more money etc.
But don’t.

Trust me the first time I made £10k/m I was burned out and miserable.

When I first freed up my time I didn’t know what to do with myself
so I wasted a lot of time trying all sorts of crazy passive income schemes just to occupy my mind.
Big waste of time.

Having lots of free time won’t help you unless you have a clear purpose.
In fact giving someone too much free time without purpose is dangerous.
This is why people die within years of retirement.

Money will not make you happier.
Lack of meaningful work is why many successful business owners sell up and fall into depression despite lots of money.
People need something to fill their time.

So start with finding out what you actually want from life.
(Hint: It’s probably not what you expect)

1️ Purpose

How can you make progress
if you don’t even know how what progress looks like?

Without strong sense of your why,
You will flap about, working very hard but never making progress.

In this stage we will figure out what “success” means for you beyond just money,
and create a plan to get there.

This stage is the stable foundation to keep you consistent and focused for years.

Key areas to spend your time on:

▶️ Creating space to think

▶️ Analyse and triage your life

▶️ Define goals, targets and plans

▶️ Create a deep work habit

▶️ Build a free-flowing schedule

▶️ Consistency systems

2️ Leverage

Anyone who says money isn’t important, already has enough money.
But “enough” is usually less than you think.
Most UK freelancers would be perfectly happy with £5k/m

The problem is most people never realise when enough is enough.
(Yes, I’m talking about that white dude posting pics of himself on a jet ski on Dubai. We all know you’re a broken soul on the inside).

But money IS a safety net:

Once you have “enough” money you have options.
Building profit frees you from working non-stop.

It means you don’t need to work as much,
So you get off the feast and famine rollercoaster,
And spend more time working on the bigger picture.

So let’s fix that and make sure you have enough!

Key areas to spend your time on:

▶️ Offers
▶️ Sales
▶️ Packaging services
▶️ Lead gen
▶️ Lead nurture
▶️ Referrals
▶️ Upsells, crosses, downsells, retainers

3️ Freedom

Now you’ve worked hard to build a profitable business it’s time to get your free time back,
by systemizing the business.
Most people want to scale and automate too early.

But systems multiply.
If you scale bad inputs you get bad outputs.

In this phase we will scale our profit and free time,
By eliminating, systemising, optimizing, automating and delegating everything we can on our business.

The fundamentals will run on autopilot,
Our time is only spent on high-value tasks

Key areas to spend your time on:

▶️ Documenting the process
▶️ Optimizing processes
▶️ Building templates
▶️ Delegating / outsourcing
▶️ Building automations
▶️ Eliminating the unnecessary

So that’s it!

Each step has a whole lotta learning to it,
But hopefully oversimplifying this gives you a roadmap to work to.

If you want to start right now on phase 1 “purpose”,
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I'll walk you through 6 systems you can use to build a freelance business which puts life first.
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💡 Key Insights for solopreneurs

If you want a 6 figure freelance business on a 3 day workweek,
first focus on your WHY
then focus on building profit as a stable base
then focus on clawing back your free time

🛎️ Daily reminder for solopreneurs

If you don’t figure out what “enough” money looks like,
You’ll always be working for more

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