When in my solopreneur journey should I start automating?

the best time to start automating is yesterday. The second best time is now. 😂

Lol seriously though, start as soon as you can so you can buy back your time.

The only caveat:

Automation multiplies your inputs
If you automate a bad process,
you multiply the bad outputs.

Make sure you’ve done the messy manual work first,
So you can optimize the process before you automate it.

When to automate a solo business

Rule of thumb:  If you’re going to do it more than once a week, try to automate it,
or at the very least build a template.

Example: even the smallest things like LinkedIn connection messages can be templated, and saved as a snippet in your notes.

It may take you an hour to build an automation for a 5 minute task.
Most people aren’t willing to do this.
But those 5 min tasks are going to continue to pile up, and a good automation quickly returns your time back to you.

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