Hi, I'm Nicholas Robb

I teach freelancers how to escape the 9-5,
engineer your ideal lifestyle,
& grow a 6-figure lifestyle business around it.

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Build a lifestyle business without burnout

Simple fundamental systems for solopreneurs that will improve the way you live & work.

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What is Life by Design?

Want to start living a life you intended, instead of a life that happened to you by chance?

You can't live an exceptional life by doing things the same way as everyone else.
Life by Design is my personal philosophy on life and work.
I share the mindset, methods, and systems I use everyday to run an award-winning design agency as a 6 figure lifestyle business.

🧠 Mindset

🔨 Tools

🤖 Systems

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How to design your lifestyle

For many, life is something that happens to them...

People live close to where they were born.
They choose their career based on a few options that were presented at school.
They take a job which happened to be listed online at the time they were looking,
And then they squeeze their life around whatever time remains outside their job.

I want to help you reverse the status quo,
and grow a highly profitable business
which is built around your life.

I help freelancers who are stuck, to design their ideal life intentionally, and build their business around that lifestyle for a much more intenitional way of living.
Inspired by Stoic lines of thinking, but with practical applications, specifically aimed at designers and creatives.
1-1 coaching

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The new way of living for creatives

I turn frantic freelancers into systematic solopreneurs

I teach foundational systems to grow a 6 figure lifestyle business without burnout.

Most people start a business, burn themselves out trying to grow the business , and fit their life around what little time remains.
I help you design your lifestyle first, then build a lifestyle business around it, without the burnout.

My mission is to help creatives & designers to live a life they designed for themselves.
& build a super lean, profitable business which is organized around an intentional life.

The systematic solopreneur

Foundational systems for a lifestyle business

Gurus will try to convince you that need another shiny object. They'll say you need more of this or that. They'll say just work harder.

But you won't change your life by doing more of what your doing now. In fact if you want more free time, you need to start doing less.

You need to start over and get the foundations right first.

I teach 6 foundational systems I use to grow a lifestyle business with maximum profit freedom and stability.

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About Nicholas Robb

Hi, I'm Nicholas Robb.

Award-winning designer | Solopreneur | The world's worst employee

I studied product design, I worked as an architect, then as a web designer and I've spent over 15 years freelancing during this time.

But before I ran my own business I was an employee.
I felt trapped, underpaid and undervalued in 9-5 jobs,
unable to action my ideas or achieve my potential.
Been there, done that, had the heart-attack.

I mostly just wanted to do good work in my underpants,
avoid the boss's latest silly idea,
and the freedom to go outside when it was sunny...🌞

So I grew my freelancing sidehustle into a multiple 6 figure solo business.
The way most people let their businesses run their lives seems to defeat the purpose of having your own business to me...
So by usings systems, automation and business policies, I've grown a super lean business that fits around my life, instead of the other way around.

This allows me the freedom to think, design, write, create & build, plus time off to pursue my interests.

As well as running my design agency, I write about solopreneurship, and helping creatives build their own 6 fig lifestyle biz.
What I'm doing now...

latest articles

I write about solopreneuring and building a lifestyle business

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