Testimonials for Life by Design

I collaborated with Nicholas and revamped my LinkedIn profile. I love it. I’m making changes this weekend.

I’d love to send a rock-solid testimonial as you helped bring laser focus and revamp my LinkedIn profile.
Your video feedback provided me with clarity, and now my Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and content stand out more than ever before.

Nicholas’s coaching skills and direction come highly recommended. Give him a try—you won’t regret it!

testimonial codrut

SEO solopreneur

This is the best perk from such a knowledgeable teacher. Tons of valuable lessons DIRECT from a successful agency owner. Thanks for sharing.

testimonial paolo abagar
Paolo Abagar

Web Developer

Since I stopped trying to do everything,
It’s actually been better!
I don’t stress!

When I don’t focus on too many things,
I actually earn more money AND have more time!
I’m not putting pressure on myself.
Just narrowing down and go slowly.

testimonial ivan stankov 2
Ivan Stankov

Motion Designer

Understood my goals, took me through baby steps to help me grow and grow. Has the right instincts to take this business to 7 figures.

testimonial martin gibbons
Martin Gibbons

CEO, Marketing

testimonial bethan

I think I was way too stressed I couldn’t make it the way I wanted to.

But I have to tell you about one successful story from last week, she contacted me so I sent them the link for the zoom call…

We talked for a little while one and…I GOT THE JOB

We’re Finnish people so we don’t show our feelings but actually I got three or four other leads as well.

Now I’m doing three different websites. Brilliant! yeah so I now I get to practice more!

This was really good thank you!

testimonial niklas isberg 2
Niklas Isberg

brand designer

Everything’s going great, still have a lot of stuff to go through.

The retainers are going great, I’ve started outsourcing things which was my goal from the start.
One project is nailed – and I already have more projects waiting in line!
I feel way better when it comes to organization and pressure from work.
All in all, a lot of stuff that we talked about, I’m starting to see a huge change just now.

testimonial ivan stankov 1

Motion Designer

The coaching helped me focus on my next steps and what needs to be done. It helped me cut out all other distractions... focus on that one thing and then move on to the next one thing. Small continuous effort which really helps stop me feeling overwhelmed. It helped me cut out all the clutter and different ideas I had. Now I can spend time on the things that will move me forwards.

testimonial craig holland
Craig Holland


Thank you so much! I really valued our session today. Sales has always been something I struggle with and avoid. You’ve helped me tackle the beast!

testimonial niklas isberg 3
Niklas Isberg

graphic designer

You helped sharpen my value proposition. I like the practical, hands-on-the-job explanations. The replies on my Qs afterwards were very supportive. Thanks for this great support.
I feel good after the first session and have enough stuff to think about & work on.

testimonial patrick
Patrick Grossman

Professional Life Coach

The sessions are good value and you provided awesome information. Your delivery is class 👍
Over the years I have read so many books & courses, I was looking for a magic bullet that doesn’t exist, to transform my whole life in 12 weeks
This is something at 43 I am now working towards resolving.
I have started getting things out my head (so simple, but so powerful) which lets me focus on that next one thing that takes me a step forward.
I’m not getting overwhelmed anymore… with consistent effort, I’m finally putting into action some of what I’ve learned and I can see the benefits already.
testimonial craig


I already feel the benefits mentally, feeling less stressed and more motivated with more focus and direction, due to gaining some clarity with how and where I want the business to go, along with ideas of how to move forward, and I think I will soon see benefits financially as well, once I’ve put everything in place and then start scaling it up.

testimonial carmen hamill
Carmen Hamill

Graphic Designer

I’ve learned a lot through the journey, you have to adjust your life accordingly, it’s not all about money…I’m so glad to have had a call with you, generally, big coaches don’t give their time for these sessions.

For the amount of followers, the quality of content you’re putting out is crazy good the systems you’re sharing make a lot of sense!

testimonial adnan mallick
Adnan Mallick

Data Analyst

Still a lot to do, but from the first session I made huge advancements, in terms of clarification of my whole process.

I knew 70% of the ‘stuff’, but I didn’t know how to apply it, what order to do it, how to actually do it.

I can see now how much stuff I was missing, and how many things I overlooked.

It’s very useful stuff, not just for business, especially the life stuff.

It’s everything else outside the business that’s connected to my life.


testimonial ivan stankov 2

Motion Designer

I’ve always had the mindset of a solo freelancer. Nick has helped me move into being a sales studio. Thanks so much for the breakdown, makes total sense.

testimonial ollie hooper
Ollie Hooper

Motion Designer

It’s a constant struggle!
RE Today’s meeting Man, that was the best advice I’ve ever had. Literally gold!
Thank you so much!
testimonial niklas isberg
Niklas Isberg

Graphic Designer

I do think it’s been worth it.
For me, I always felt like a busy fool,  jumping between tiny jobs not making any money.
The potential was to earn a LOT more.
I’m now working smarter rather than harder.

It’s a lot to take in, so getting a summary after each session of what we have done was so useful,
I’ve referred back to it so many times when I felt I was off track.

I’m out of my comfort zone,  but I’m more focussed,
see now, I’m feeling more confident,
I’m starting to get calls.

I feel all the things we’ve talked about is going to continue.
I feel there’s lots of improvements that are going to make a difference in the long-run.
I feel more professional, I’ve got more brain space for doing the actual work.

So Yeah, I do think it has been worth it and I’m feeling quite good about going forwards.

Thanks so much, Nick I appreciate all your help!



testimonial carmen hamill
Carmen Hamill

Graphic Designer

Thanks for that session, lots of useful info for me to action.
It definitely ticks my 3 F’s … freedom, fulfillment and financial.
My head actually feels a little lighter. One thing at a time, progression not perfection.

testimonial craig
Craig Holland


It definitely has given me focus and given me clarity on where I need to start. Already further along than was yesterday. I’m feeling Positive, optimistic and excited.

testimonial craig
Craig Holland

Craig Holland

Super helpful, I have so many good changes to implement. I hope whoever reads this checks it out as well.

testimonial paul powers
Paul Powers

Podcast Host

You’re a breath of fresh air on this platform mate 🙌🏻 appreciate all the knowledge and advice

testimonial ben scott


My head feels like it’s exploding! It’s a great system, you’ve given me so much to think about. This first session alongside all your support by e-mail and the worksheet are totally worth £98!

testimonial patrick
Patrick Grossman

Professional Coach

Watching this content again, had to pause it just to tell you just how buzzing I am about it. Super excited for moving forwards!

testimonial carmen hamill 2
Carmen Hamill

Graphic Designer

It’s rare to find such well-written, good content online. Also, I am a sucker for well-designed sites. Fab job.

I’ve been reading lots of your content, the articles provided solid inspiration, thanks Nicholas!

testimonial kieran howe
Kieran Howe

Director, Oddness Studio

Wow, read your article and I felt like you were talking directly to me and the way I currently feel.

Definitely subscribing!

testimonial pete clark
Pete Clark

Digital Nomad

The best newsletter in the game.
Excited for this one, Nicholas.

testimonial ikramul


WOW! this is so freaking great, SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE. I will re-play again just to see what important notes I missed. so glad I connected with you.

testimonial vlad esplana
Vlad Esplana

Web Designer

I loved what you said. I was doing it the usual way because everyone does it that way. But after I felt WHY am I still working this way, it’s so dumb!?

testimonial liz
Liz Heinberg

Brand Specialist

Highly recommend this, Nick makes it super simple to understand the actions to take, can’t wait to set it all up!

testimonial rachel
Rachel Mess

Freelance web designer

Hey just wanted to say that was awesome! Found it so useful I’m definitely gonna implement these systems.

testimonial jonathon 1
Jonathon Bismark

3D visualist

testimonial carmen hamill 2
Carmen Hamill

Graphic Designer

testimonial paul powers
Paul Powers

Podcast Host

Your workshop was jam-packed with info, by sharing screen and showing how you set up your own systems. I came away feeling there’s a lot of systems I can put in place to make projects go smoothly, and seeing this in action was super helpful. I can organise my business better and know that this will get me closer to my goals!

testimonial rachel
Rachel Mess

Freelance web designer

testimonial patrick
Patrick Grossman

Professional Coach

Thanks so much, it all makes sense. Great outcome, great delivery!

testimonial jade

Small Business Community