What is one thing you wish you knew before starting a lifestyle business?

Growing a business by yourself is difficult.

One thing I wish someone had told me before starting my own business is that the learning never ends!

I can’t understate the importance of learning in entrepreneurship, especially for a lifestyle business.

Your business is built around you:
Your knowledge, your growth, your skills.

If you want to grow an exceptional businesses, you won’t get there by doing it like everyone else.
If you do things like everyone else, the only way to get ahead is to work harder.

The more knowledge you have,
the better equipped you are to make decisions that can impact your startup’s growth and success.

Successful entrepreneurs prioritize learning, and use that knowledge to stay ahead of the curve, by working smarter,
and by applying new skills to deliver more value for their customers.

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Nicholas Robb

Founder, Design Hero
Author of Life by Design

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