How do you calculate your worth?

Good question. It’s a complex topic.
It spans pricing, and more abstract notions of self-esteem

I usually use value based pricing
So it depends on what the customer is getting back from the interaction
Vs  what I have to do to fulfil the promise.

In my design agency it’s easier as your offering services that make people money.
So I can price based n how much money they can make from my help.
It’s usually easy to do some napkin sketch math on this depending on the services or products t hey sell and the number of customers they have vs the no of customers they will get.

This can be a lot or a little, depending on the business.

In LBD it can be trickier.
A lot of coaches just teach stuff to help you make more money.
But my whole programme is about realising that money means little after a certain point,
And helping people to build the kind of lifestyle that they want,
And organising their business around freedom first.

So the stuff I teach has benefits which I feel are more valuable than just money,
But are intangible and harder to define.
Things like lack of stress,
Free time

Different people place different value on different things.

Phase 1 is lifestyle design. It’s about designing the ideal lifestyle for that person, and reverse engineering it into actions they can take daily, and providing them with systems for consistency to make sure they take those actions whilst avoiding overwhelm..
Intangible stuff. But this is the foundation growth (both personal and business) is built on.

Phase 2 is stability. This part of programme deals directly with helping freelancers increase their profit, for a safety cushion and stable income,
So if in doubt I can relate the value of my services back to how many clients they will gain, how much more money the can get  by increasing their prices

Phase 3 is about freedom. systems to help freelancers automate the fundamentals of their business so they can spend their time working ON the business, and get back their valuable freedom.

The end result is a scalable lifestyle business built around an intentional life.
Which I think is pretty valuable.

Everyone will do these mental calculations in their head when they meet you.
The calculation is a balance of the result, your authority, your trustworthiness, what people are willing to pay for that result.

In the end,
Your price is how much OTHER people think you’re worth 🤣
Your worth is how much YOU think you’re worth.
Your value is how much your product pays off.

For myself, I try to tie my worth based on people I’ve helped and what they say about how I’ve helped them,
Not how much money I make.
I fear a lot of people never disconnect income vs self-worth
If you can start judging your worth for yourself, instead of what others think.
It makes your self-esteem more sustainable.

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Nicholas Robb

Founder, Design Hero
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