“showing up” vs “giving it your all”

Everyday I wake up, stretch and row 1km.
I’ve been doing it about a year.
I do it even when I don’t feel like it. Which is most days.

Here’s something interesting I noticed:
It takes me almost exactly 5 minutes.

On some days I give it everything I have.
I strain
I push
I practically poo myself.

⌚It takes me almost exactly 5 minutes (give or take 10 seconds)

On some days I don’t feel it.
When I feel I’m in danger of not doing it, I allow myself a “cheat” day,
where I put in the minimum amount of effort.

⌚It takes me almost exactly 5 minutes (give or take 10 seconds)

Sometimes putting in maximum effort makes so little difference, that you may as well show up and put in just what’s needed.
This is known as the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule:

The exact ratio doesn’t always hold,
But the law applies across almost all of life and business:

80% of your leads will come from one source
One client will be the source of all your woes.
Spending 20% of the budget will achieve 80% of the results.

Where else can we apply this principle in your life and business?
Where can we put in less time and less effort whilst still getting the same result?

The answer seems easy.
Just do more of the 20% and less of the 80%.
Telling them apart is the tricky bit.

Concentrate on the vital few vs the irrelevant man.

The least amount of effort, compounds into the same result as “giving it your all” if you keep it up long enough.

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