Build a second brain + AI + VR = A sci-fi dystopia?

Second brains + AI +VR = a dystopian sci-fi novel?

I recently read “Build a Second Brain” by Tiago Forte and science-fiction “Neuromancer” by William Gibson.

People like Hormozi have published so much content online that you can use Chat GPT to mimic his writing style, philosophy and thoughts.
The second brain of Hormozi’s thoughts is a collection of his life philosophy, his insights, his systems, his operating methods, his strategies and tactics, even his voice and wording.
So if the AI avatar of Hormozi is indistinguishable from the person Hormozi, then what is real?
does it even matter?

As we publish we are all building a profile of our own thoughts which AI can disseminate into an AI avatar.
It’s not far fetched to imagine that eventually we will have AI avatars of ourselves to do our bidding…
(if you can afford it, of course! 🤣)

Is it unrealistic to think that instead of paid consultations,
Our audience could prompt our online database of wisdom for their own benefit.
eventually we will offer paid access to our second brains?
or even paid access to our AI avatars as chatbots?

Just now access to our second brain would provide little value:
Knowledge by itself is useless.
But knowledge distilled through our own experience and philosophy becomes something far more valuable:

Then consider further how we use our second brains to work in teams:
Tiago Forte talks about the magic point where your body of works becomes more than the sum of its parts, more than yourself.
We see teams coming together and contributing to the the second brain.
imagine a future where small groups of like-minded people come together and operate from collective second brains to achieve a specific purpose,
or even to build their own collective AI avatar to act as a representative for their collective thoughts and views…

A hive-mind, or “nation of many”.
Within this hive-mind a group could feasibly filter information to share and build their own version of reality

Let’s take that further.
Gibson famously coined the whole “cyberpunk” movement in his “Neuromancer” novels.
He envisioned a dystopian version of the internet, long before the internet was even a concept.
The attention economy, the abuse of big data, and many of his other predictions about the internet age were creepily accurate….
But in Neuromancer people had to “plug in” to use the net, just like in the Matrix.
With emerging tech like VR and AR this is now becoming increasingly recognisable.

So when we combine the possible future trajectories of second brains, VR and AI,
Will we all be living with groups of likeminded people in collective, self-determined realities?

We already live an age of ‘blurred reality’:
come election time, what you see on your feeds does not reflect the same reality that I see.
We are served a subjective reality depending on our own preferences and viewpoints.

People have always organised, and segregated, themselves by arbitrary labels.
Religion, Race, Class, Politics, Personality type etc.
Here we now have a new potential divide, where people draw new borders depending on the reality they choose to immerse themselves in.

I’m going to nip off this thought trail here as it has no practical value to anything I’m doing.
interesting though….

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