Success is knowing what you want

People want “success” (usually monetary) but haven’t considered what they actually want.
I worry that most people are seduced into wanting the quick win, the silver bullet, the magic pill.

The problem goes deeper:
Speed sells, so social media blasts us with content promoting speedy success.
You can see this reflected in the content we consume.

Most of the content we consume nowadays is short form, surface level snacks on social media.
Even as I write, part of my brain is working on how to segment this newsletter into x4 bit-size social posts.
It’s a harmful myth that makes people feel crap about where they are.

We all have different starting points, different responsibilities and advantages/disadvantages.
The truth is if you want you grow your own business, if you want true freedom, if you want to escape the ratrace…
then it takes many years, often working hard for little reward.

I guess that’s the point I’m getting round to:
Great things take time.

Success means different things to different people.
But most are measuring their success by their revenue.

Don’t use the wrong measuring stick.
Clarity is key.

💡 If you don’t know what you want, you can’t measure your success.

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Nicholas Robb

Founder, Design Hero
Author of Life by Design

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