When you hit the hump, seek clarity.

This week I hit a major crisis of clarity.
I’ve made some quick wins, but my momentum has halted as I hit the hump.
I was feeling like I’d lost my way.
All week I sat at my computer, distracting myself with busiwork,
but not knowing what to work on.

Listening to a chapter of Dan Koe’s Art of Focus brought me clarity.

I opened it at random and just so happened to land on a chapter specifically about hitting the hump in any endeavour.

I realised the problem I was struggling with was not having too many tasks, the problem was I had no clarity.
I didn’t have anything to guide my focus and so my efforts all felt random.
Without clarity, I was trying to work on everything that came my way.

I was struggling mentally because my skills hadn’t yet developed to the point where I’m ready.
Which means I’m not getting the results I want.
Which is normal.
My anxiety was coming from the fact I was resorting to seeking new activities,
cramming my day with admin and busiwork,
Instead of just recommitting to the things that work.
I just need to stay the course and keep doing the right things every day.

As soon as I realised this I felt a wave of relief and joy washing over me.

I was already in the right place doing the right things.
I just need to keep doing it for a few more years haha.
Most stress is not caused by a lack of time or lack of skills, stress is caused by lack of clarity.

Now the path was clear.

I had moved away from my schedule so I was opening myself to choices.
Which was allowing lots of random non-needle moving tasks into my day.

So I set aside an hour,
I sat down and redesigned my schedule a bit as I have to get back to doing the same things every day.

My schedule gives me clarity on what I *should* be doing instead of what I *could* be doing. Follow the process.

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