Lessons for life from pine trees

Today I sat back and noticed we have a lot to learn from pine trees.
Many have been around longer than us.

With minimal effort, they grow a pinecone
from a tiny nub into a perfectly symmetrical design

pine trees

In just a few months
With nothing but sunlight and water

The tree grows hundreds of pine cones, cultivating many “small bets”
which they then drop over decades.
They let the world do the heavy lifting.

They may lose branches, sometimes whole limbs
But it doesn’t matter.
They have more.
They can grow more.

So long as the roots are solid.

When the weather turns,
Pine trees lose curb growth to conserve energy
More than half the battle is just placement and environment.

A tree that starts in sandy soil
May pay the price,
Even decades later
And collapse under one strong wind

But even then,
a fallen tree can make a U-turn and keep growing up towards the light
Inch by inch

Great things take time, I just need the patience of the pine tree.

Picture of Nicholas Robb

Nicholas Robb

Founder, Design Hero
Author of Life by Design

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