how do I work out what to charge as a freelancer?

"How to work out my price?" - 6 figure Freelancing Q&As

The best way to do it is by asking some probing questions during the sales call.

This is why sales calls are so important because you’re gathering data. You’re establishing your authority and you’re selling all on a sales call.

I just need to jump into a call, scope out your project, and figure out where they’re a good fit.

If you’re selling digital marketing, it’s pretty easy because you can ask them what’s their revenue what’s their digital marketing budget   If you can’t do that, you have to ask things like,

where do you picture this business in three years?

How many customers do you have a month?

What are the customers worth to you?

In terms of the rule of thumb, have in your head the minimum amount that you want. Make it a number that you’re comfortable with but always have a minimum rate of what you want for that project.

Usually what I do during the sales calls is to preempt that objection This kind of comes back to authority and operating from a position of surplus but that’s why we do these things.

I’m not the cheapest, but I do provide the best value.

If you want to work with me, it might be expensive, but here’s the results we provide.

Show them and obviously, you’ve got to deliver those results.

Value-based pricing only works if you’re delivering value. That’s why value-based pricing always beats hourly pricing.

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