How do I spot red flags?

"How do I spot red flags?" - 6 figure Freelancing Q&As
If they say any of these phrases:
”I’m not good with technology”
“designers don’t get me”
“I’m looking for something of really high quality, but I don’t have the most amount of money.”
“I’m just looking for something basic. “
“I’ll know what I want when I see it”
All of those phrases are red flags that tell you this client is going to require more work and hand holding than usual.
Raise your minimum level of investment.
Remember that the minimum rate is the bottom minimum level of investment that you would take on for that project.
Don’t waste their time or yours by trying to please them.
If they don’t have the money or the budget to afford you,
You can politely say no.
Don’t just hang up on them.
Just say “Here’s some free resources that I can give you to do it yourself or I can refer you to a cheaper designer.”
Of course there’s exceptions to every rule, some of my best clients have been technophobes 🤣
The most important thing: are they polite and reasonable? This is usually the best indication of a good relationship.
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