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Burnout for solopreneurs

May 23, 2024

FAQs from solopreneurs about Burnout

Truthfully, I don’t!

I sometimes feel I have two versions of myself perched on each shoulder:
One is endlessly ambitious and hungry and pushed me further.
The other just wants a simple life with free time.

It can be a rollercoaster actually.

I’ve come to realise that for certain types of people, there is no permanent balance.

Focus requires letting some things slip.
You can’t achieve great work or lasting peace without letting some things slide.

So you have to decide what the priority is right now, and adjust on a regular basis.
You can let most things slide for a while, and pick them back up later when the time is right.
I’ve written more about my battle with balance here 👇🏻

#4 work-life balance is not possible or even desirable

The key is to let go of the idea of getting everything done.

Draw an actual line on your list.

Everything below doesn’t get done.

Plan weekly.
Triage daily.

Read my full guide to how I manage my todo list without overwhelm.

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