The best opportunities don’t have signposts

The best spots on any hike don’t have paths or signposts.

An extension of this thought….

On the way up the Fairy Pools on Isle of Skye there was a giant volcano with a huge crack down the middle.
The “crack of God” as I’m calling it.
It wasn’t on the map.
The path stops at the top of the fairy pools.

Of course, I wanted to get up close to that crack and poke my head in.

PXL 20240306 120231740

Sometimes there isn’t a clear path you just have to point yourself in the right direction and start walking.

PXL 20240306 123407367

It’s not obvious, but you can just wild hike up to the crack then walk right in to the mountain.

PXL 20240306 124546052

The bests kept secret on skye?

PXL 20240306 124145522

1 If there’s no clear path, set a direction and start walking.

2 The best opportunities are where people aren’t.

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