Stoicism is the answer for Introverts

You never master it, it only really ends when you die.
It’s an adjective not a verb.
Try to practice it everyday.
As an introvert it has an answer for every aspect of life.

For me it’s the only philosophy of life that makes sense.
A lot of people have other philosophies.

Most don’t have any philosophy for their life at all.
By default they fall into the “hedonism” category, though they are unaware of this:
“endlessly seeking pleasure with no higher purpose in life”

Stoicism helps me find my purpose,
how to deal with challenges,
how to treat others,
how to set boundaries
how to manage my emotions and impluses
how to find happiness between the cracks

Picture of Nicholas Robb

Nicholas Robb

Founder, Design Hero
Author of Life by Design

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