Risk of death

We visited The Brother’s cave, and saw a genuine dinosaur footprint captured in the frozen rock. Awesome.
Immy was napping on a grass knoll with a view over the beach and lava fields,
so I set out to explore the rest of the beach and found a narrow ledge leading round to the cave with a sheer drop to water and rocks below.

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I started along the ledge,
got further and further,
slime built up until it was slippy underfoot,
But when the handholds also started getting too slippy to hang onto I turned back.
I probably would be fine.
I thought about shimmying along the ledge even further.
Then I thought about the possibility of slipping off and ashing myself on the rocks. a slim possibility…
But why risk it!

I circled back round, went along the top of the cliff and peered down into the cave from above instead.

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At the top of the cliff was a plaque for a tourist who’d died 2 years ago doing the same thing I did.
Plus it turns out I never would have had a view into the cave anyway, the ledge petered out just around the corner.


We all have different attitudes to risk.
It’s easy to assume if a risk has slim chance of coming true it won’t happen to us.
But it happened to someone.

If a risk is low-chance but high-impact, I usually avoid it.

💡 Risk attitude: low likelihood with a low payoff, but big negative impact = not worth it.

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