People give up too early

I like to notice where people decide to turn back on a hike.
It’s amazing how many people turn back 20 mins from the carpark!
Then there are those who follow the trail, visit the signposted landmark on Google maps, snap and obligatory photo and assume that’s all there is to see.
Keep going.

Don’t be a tourist.

Go further.
Go until it gets quiet and no-one is ahead or behind,
That’s the sweet spot where you have room to breathe.
The truly magic places aren’t on the path.
They are always just a bit further.

I don’t want to call people actively lazy.
Many simply reach a natural resistance point where their desire to rest outweighs their curiosity drive.
They’ve seen enough and turned back.
“The mountain looks fine from here.”
But what if they were just a bit more curious and kept going?
There’s so much more to see, and the last 10% of the hike is where the most dramatic views lie.

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1 Most people give up too early. Go 10% further.

2 Being unfit means you miss out on so much good stuff.

3 Stay curious

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