Easy paths = a hard life

The straightest road is never the best path.
In fact, unexpected roadblocks are practically guaranteed.

Whenever I hit roadblocks, I think about The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday
The best walks aren’t just a straight line to the summit.
The real adventure starts when the bridge has collapsed and you have to cross the streamor the path is blocked and you make your own way.
We don’t rage at these detours on a hike.
The point of the hike is not to get to the end of the path, the point of the hike is to hike.

So why do we get so frustrated when these things happen in our business or life pursuits?
Do you want a shortcut straight to the end of your life?
No, you want a rich, varied life well lived and full of experiences.
This ties in nicely with my first thought regarding time.
A long, straight motorway to the end of your life would be a very boring life indeed.

Not only that, a straight, easy path builds no resilience.
Every obstacle is an opportunity to learn, to harden yourself, to expand your mind, to tell a story.
each time we get stronger, and the next obstacle gets easier.
And there will ALWAYS be another obstacle…

So I can choose hard paths now, or easy paths later.

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stopping at the roadside to see some wild stag.

Obstacles might seem like a negative at the time, but they add up to the rich experience of life as a whole.

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