Being busy vs feeling busy

My hours are the same.
my workload is much the same.
So why am I feeling burnt out?

I keep saying
“I’m too busy I have too much on” I moan.
but then I imagine how the stoic sage on my shoulder might respond:

“But Nick aren’t you forgetting that you’ve been for a nice walk today,
You also had enough time to spend an hour in the garden”

I’m focusing on the negative.
I forget that I do have time.

The issue is not that I’m physically busy,
the issue is that I’m mentally busy.

The problem is not volume,
it’s intensity.

Even in my downtime my brain is still processing problems in the background.
So my brain is too cluttered to enjoy even my leisure time.
This is the problem with burnout, it starts to seep into your leisure time too,
and makes it harder to dewind and enjoy life.

feeling busy vs being busy

I have too many plates spinning and too many complex projects running at a time.

I need to balance mental vs physical work.
I need to set aside more thinking time
I need to reduce the no of complex projects I take on at a time by saying NO to others and to myself.

The more projects I have on, the more I need to make spare time as breakout space to process, for my mental health.

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Nicholas Robb

Founder, Design Hero
Author of Life by Design

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