what is a “lifestyle business”? is it life coaching?

No, a lifestyle business is a business model for entrepreneurs who value their freedom above all else.
It differs from traditional businesses models, such as the startup model, in several key ways:

Most people start their own business for freedom, get overwhelmed, put all their time into it, then fit life around whatever time remains.
This is because common culture promotes the startup model, where endless growth is prioritized at all costs.
The goal is to pump revenue as high as possible, with little regard for the people IN the business, and revenue is one of the only measures of success.

Success = your revenue.

For the entrepreneur, it’s a recipe for burnout.

If your goal is freedom,  Then you need to build a lifestyle business.
A LIFESTYLE business is a business designed to prioritize profit and freedom first.
A lifestyle business is intentionally small, lean, and leveraged with little overheads.
A lifestyle business aims to put your life first and integrate your business into your lifestyle.

If you want lifestyle business, don’t use the wrong measuring stick.
A lot of people try to measure success by revenue.

In a lifestyle business, revenue means nothing.
Tell me about the profit.
That also means nothing, tell me your profit ÷ time.
Now we’re getting somewhere…
Now tell me what you do with your spare time.

Now you have a more accurate picture of your “success” in a lifestyle business.

A lifestyle business is the ideal model for a solopreneur who wants to have an intentionally designed lifestyle outside their business.  🙂

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