How do I make my brand unique?

You don’t really need to be “unique”.
Most successful businesses aren’t doing something new.
You don’t have to be new, you just need to be 10% better than your competition.
Provide a really good service that the client gets value out of. Always provide amazing value.
I don’t mean be cheap, I mean do things that the customer will get value out of by saving time, or getting more customers or making their life easier.
Do what your competiotrs are too lazy to do.

that’s how you’ll set yourself apart from others

Your job is to communicate the above,
so the client knows how you’re different from other designers.

Position yourself as the “expert” so that you’re guiding them to what they need instead of them telling you what they want.
It’ll be a more trusting relationship.

Present yourself as an agency for higher pricing. But be the face of the agency to sell.

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