How do I network effectively

You could join a group like Chamber of Commerce or BNI.

But vet these groups carefully before joining.

Make sure they are actually passing leads.

Far too many “networking groups” are just coffee clubs for people playing CEO who have too much time on their hands. 😂

To network effectively you have to seek out the movers and shakers.

The best strategy is not to seek customers;

Instead seek people who know many of your ideal clients.

These are known as superconnectors.

Write, refine and practice a 20 second, 60 second and 5 minute pitch for your business value offer.

Don’t get caught off guard if someone asks on the fly.

Every social event is a networking event.

You never know where you’ll meet your next client.
Never sell to one person at networking. ever. people can smell desperation.

Ask about their business. listen. If they have a problem that you can solve offer specific advice on how you would solve their problems.

Don’t worry about “giving it away for free”. The more you can give away, the more likely they are to want you to do it for them.

Remember networking is a place to find clients, yes, but it’s mostly a place to find partners.

partners will allow you to expand your offering, solve bigger problems and feed each other leads.
Social media is networking. People forget this. don’t just post.

Speak to people get to know them, chat like you would in real life.

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