How do I get consistent work as a freelancer?

There’s loooads of ways of getting new work.
If you scroll through Instagram you’ll be bombarded by new ways to find work.
Everyone has a different way, and each swears it’s the only way.
I myself spend a lot on SEO which helps get organic traffic to my website.
If you’re going the SEO route pick a specific town to focus on to start with.
As a newbie, referrals will still be your no 1.
Do a really good job, at the end be sure to ask for a Google Review and specifically ask if there’s anyone they know who they could refer you to that you could also help.
You can also reach out to agencies that get leads and offer to do a whitelabel service
Agencies are always looking for good web designers who are reliable and can manage a project and work autonomously.
The honest answer is it takes a long time to build up a network of people who know you as the better solution.
Build a social profile on Linkedin or Instagram. On LinkedIn you can do a boolean search to look for specific job roles or interests.
This takes a lot of time.
engage for real with other business owners
talk and get to know them and their problems first, don’t start with the sell.
then review their website and offer to do a free audit as an “in”
point out how you’d improve it for free,
they may ask you to implement.
Some people set up automated cold email campaigns which work surprisingly well.
Remember it’s much easier to get business off of existing clients.
Reach out to previous clients and upsell them on something else like SEO or blog writing.
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