What are the risks of starting freelancing?

There aren’t really any. Here’s why:
You might fail and then you’ll feel shitty for a few weeks before you get back on the horse 😆
You might fall out with clients and get stressed about it. Stress won’t kill you.
The biggest risk is you don’t make enough money. Then you can always get a job!


You don’t need an office you don’t need staff. All you need is a laptop.

It depends on what country you are in, in a 1st world country most people have a laptop but if a laptop is beyond your means, you can use a local internet cafe to get started.

There’s literally nothing to lose. With a solo business the overheads are minimal. you can literally get going with a laptop and a £500 of savings.

What’s the biggest risk?

Well you might fail and feel embarassed. That is if anyone even notices you failed.
I’m going to tell you one thing which will alleviate your fear:


You will fail regularly.
you’ll spend weeks on an idea which bombs.
You’ll invest in a pitch which doesn’t pan out. and you’ll learn.
You’ll move on. and you won’t make that mistake again.

Successful solopreneurs are just the ones who are willing to fail often and keep going.

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