How do you balance your daily schedule with life & business goals?

Hey Priyesh,
Lifestyle design is not the car you want, or the money you earn or your travel plans.
I like to say your life is just what you do every day.
So your daily schedule = your life.

I think about what you want your day to day to look like,
Then I figure out the long-term goals I need to make that happen,
then reverse engineer them into the actions I need to take every week, or every day.

I plug those actions into my schedule, around whatever non-negotiable responsibilities I already have.

BOOM, now you’re living your ideal life every day.

Repeat for a year or so
then reassess and readjust as needed.

If you’d like, I run a workshop on solopreneur schedule design,
here’s how I run a 6 figure business on a 22 hour week,
plus subscribers can download my daily schedule template

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Nicholas Robb

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