Nicolas is an adept designer and life coach who really cares about the people he helps. found out about his coaching services and checked out his schedule template.
With it comes a video of him explaining how it works and why it’s divided up the way it is.
I’m admittedly nervous about creating a schedule because my life is so hectic,
but he assured me that the purpose isn’t to have a perfectly scheduled week and to keep to it rigidly, but to know exactly how to get back on track when things (inevitably) go off the rails.
also took him up on an offer to audit my Linkedin profile and website.
His recommendations were thoughtful and spot-on with what I needed to do.
Haven’t implemented all the changes yet, but I plan to follow all of his great advice when things slow down again.
When it comes to design, he was brutally honest (but kind) and love that he was,
because that’s the style of communication I do best with.
Would absolutely recommend Nicholas for anything related to design, coaching, or organization.
He’s a stellar, diligent, and knowledgeable guy – 5/5 stars for sure!