I do think it’s been worth it.
For me, I always felt like a busy fool,  jumping between tiny jobs not making any money.
The potential was to earn a LOT more.
I’m now working smarter rather than harder.

It’s a lot to take in, so getting a summary after each session of what we have done was so useful,
I’ve referred back to it so many times when I felt I was off track.

I’m out of my comfort zone,  but I’m more focussed,
see now, I’m feeling more confident,
I’m starting to get calls.

I feel all the things we’ve talked about is going to continue.
I feel there’s lots of improvements that are going to make a difference in the long-run.
I feel more professional, I’ve got more brain space for doing the actual work.

So Yeah, I do think it has been worth it and I’m feeling quite good about going forwards.

Thanks so much, Nick I appreciate all your help!