If you want a simple life, seek competence

If you want a simple life,
spend extra to work with competent people.
Here’s what happens when you work with people who aren’t competent.

  • They expect you to solve all their problems
  • They don’t follow up
  • You have to take on responsibility for the project
  • They aren’t able to run through a process
  • They aren’t able to respond succinctly to questions
  • They aren’t able to deal with unexpected situations
  • You need to explain the same thing several times

Sometimes this seems to be 80% of people.
This is fine.

But occasionally you will meet people who ooze competence. When you work with competent people, your life is easier, smoother, less stressful.

  • Here’s how to spot them.
  • they don’t use lingo or jargon.
  • they don’t waste time.
  • they can summarize succinctly.
  • they are organised.
  • things happen correctly.
  • things happen with polish.
  • hey assume responsibility
  • things get finished.
  • things happen seemingly by themselves
  • you don’t need to spend time hand holding
  • you don’t need to tell them the next step

seek out and spend extra to work with competent people.

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