Where my head’s at – public accountability statement

Here’s a snapshot of where my head’s at right now…
I’m making a public commitment to hold myself accountable.

I want to look back at this in 5 years and know that I was true to my self and my vision.

For now I’m still running DH about 24 hrs a week.
Design Hero funds my lifestyle just fine.
Eventually LBD may be my primary income and primary work
For now it doesn’t make much money, except for some coaching which I enjoy.
But the goal isn’t money just now.

I know LBD is more scalable in terms of my time via digital products and courses.
It’s more rewarding than my client work.
I get to see the direct benefit on people I get to know as friends.

Everyone is selling something at the end of the day.
I’m giving away stuff for free that helps someone.
If I can sell something too I’m ok with that.
But if I ever use the high pressure sales tactics that some preach,
and that I’ve experienced myself,
then I have lost my way.

Life By Design, I haven’t 100% figured it out yet as it’s still a passion project that gives me purpose.
I made a commitment to write every day for a year, sharing what I know about growing a solo business.
So that’s what I’m doing. Writing like a mofo. It helps me figure stuff out.

Whatever results from that will happen.
But I’m not setting any fixed targets around money, or followers or no of students.
What will be will be.

My goal would be to help freelancers get past that hump where they are working like mad and earning less than a 9-5.
I want to help them design for lifestyle first and build a business around that, without all the burnout and pressure.

Over past few years I paid over £10k for courses and coaching about courses and coaching 🤣
I learned a lot.
But they all focus on selling courses and coaching, or social growth.
No-one is telling you how to actually get better at teaching people.
And I just don’t agree with a lot of the high pressure sales tactics promoted in a lot of these courses.
So I’ll need to learn how to be a better coach, and deliver better courses on my own.

The high-ticket coaches promoting high pressure sales?
Sure, they are all making huge £.
But now I see a rash of “high ticket” coaches burning out, quitting, miserable.
I’m glad I didn’t listen 😂

It reaffirms that my content about lifestyle is more important than content about growth and sales.
Even if it’s less attractive or harder to sell.
You can’t just keep handing out candy like crack.
Sometimes the people need to be forced to eat their veg.

I’d rather grow slower, and learn as I go, than sell out for a quick buck.

Balance in all things 🙏🏻

Purpose in my vision.
Consistency in my actions
Time on my side

Picture of Nicholas Robb

Nicholas Robb

Founder, Design Hero
Author of Life by Design

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