Hacks are easy, consistency is hard

Hacks are easy, consistency is hard

It’s why supplements and diet pills always outsell the gym.
The latter takes effort and time.
Hacks are easy, Wisdom is hard.

Speed sells, so social media blasts us with content promoting speedy success.
You can see this reflected in the content we consume.
Attention economy would have you believe you can change your whole life in a few weeks.

No wonder people turn to hacks!

Hacks are usually just knowledge without wisdom.
“hacks” suggest cheating, the easy route, or taking a shortcut.
But there is no shortcut.
It’s a harmful myth that makes people feel crap about where they are.
We all have different starting points, different responsibilities and advantages/disadvantages.

The truth is if you want you grow your own business, if you want true freedom, if you want to escape the ratrace…
then it takes many years, often working hard for little reward.
It takes persistence, effectiveness and consistency.

So how do we make consistent good decisions?

Wisdom is the route to putting your life on easy mode.
Wisdom is the way to do things.
Wisdom is how you become disciplined, or skilful or happy.
Wisdom is how you achieve 6 pack abs, or business growth, or lasting happiness.

It’s never too early or too late to start getting wiser.Read every day.
Read like a mofo.
Read like your life depends on it.
Then read some more.
Put your newfound knowledge into action
In 6 months time, you won’t even recognise yourself.

So if wisdom = knowledge + action
then success = wisdom + consistency + time

Ignore shiny new objects and hacks. Focus on the long-term. Think in years, act daily.


Picture of Nicholas Robb

Nicholas Robb

Founder, Design Hero
Author of Life by Design

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