Maximise your freedom, with my blueprint for a 6 figure lifestyle business.

Your daily routine = your life.
Don’t let life just happen to you:
Plan it, design it, live it.

Watch this 10min video for the exact blueprint I used to build a 6 figure solo business on a 3day workweek.

highlights lifestyle design for creatives

From frantic 5 figure freelancer to systemized 6 figure solopreneur.

Why did I make this  video?

Most people start a business for freedom,
get overwhelmed & fit life around what little time remains.

The world is full of gurus, workshops, training all promising to take you to the magic “6 figures”.
All you need is more tools, more ads, more clients, more work, more staff, more money.

But what happens after that?

Most freelancers aren’t free;
Most founders are living on shaky foundations.
Most business owners work all day and don’t own their free time.

I followed the gurus,
I chased the 6 figure dragon,
I smashed all my monetary goals,
but I was burned out and miserable.

So I redesigned my life, rebuilt my design agency from the ground up as a highly automated lifestyle business that earns £20k/m on a 3 day workweek, and lets me put life first.

I’ll help you prioritize designing your life first,
grow a highly automated business that fits around your lifestyle,
and give you systems to scale your business with profit, stability & freedom without burnout.

Now I sharing my process, strategies and systems that I use in real life, every day.
If this resonates, watch this 10min video for the exact blueprint I used to go from a frantic 5 figure freelancer to a systemized 6 figure solopreneur.

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The 6 figure solopreneur
Lifestyle Design Blueprint

  1. You need to design what you want your life to look like.
  2. You need to break goals down into daily actions.
  3. You need a way to make sure you repeat those actions every day.
  4. You need systems to scale your actions without burnout.

You could do nothing, and carry on letting life happen to you, or you can start working on these x4 things RIGHT NOW with me to start living your life by design.